A strong foundation is vital for progress and development in many industries and aspects of life.  Building a home or structure means having a fortified, stable, and sturdy footing upon which the rest of the building sits. An uneven foundation in a home can mean cracks in the walls or ceiling, or doors and windows not closing completely, ultimately the structural integrity of the house is at risk. When you equate this to the cybersecurity space, organizations need a similarly strong foundation on top of which the rest of security architecture is built.   Among the various components of a comprehensive cybersecurity architecture, the firewall stands out as the foundation, fortifying the defenses and acting as a key line of defense against unauthorized access. As threats and security adversaries continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, the firewall is key to having all your customers’ security tools and protocols function properly and efficiently. A lesser firewall will deliver gaps in visibility, not provide enough performance or throughput, or cannot integrate into the rest of your customers’ security stack to provide telemetry and information to make informed security decisions.  As a partner, you want to set your customers up for success and enable them to build their security investments on top of a strong and solid foundation

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