Refund Policy

Refund is only possible, in case the file received is empty or product is not delivered. The buyer has to claim this within 7 days from the date of purchase.

Resolution of refund notice:
In order to help you resolve issues with the product you that you purchased, we may troubleshoot your product either through online tools, over telegram, email and/or through website chat. If you still think the product is incomplete (within 7 days from the date of purchase), a replacement of the same product or similar product will be provided at no additional cost. If any other issues, you may be directed to our expert on telegram. In any case, only one replacement shall be provided.

Privacy & Security Policies:
Hind Networks is very much stringent about protection of your privacy while shopping at our website. We gather only necessary information such as your email address. The contact information is only used to get in touch with you when required- post sales services. All vision data and credit card information are used only to bill you for the products and services that you select. We respect your privacy and we do not and will not share the information you provide us with to any other external companies or individuals. The Revision of the refund and privacy policies: We keep on updating our refund and privacy policies regularly in order to serve our customers better, with more future products we will add or revise the current policies as per the need.

Need help?

Contact us at [email protected] for questions related to refunds and returns.