One question anyone who is pursuing the CCIE Certification will always ask is, “Are CCIE Bootcamps worth it?”

The short answer to this is yes but there are a lot of other things to be taken into consideration when supporting this answer.

Firstly for any readers who are not sure what a CCIE Bootcamp is, it is basically you and up to 30 other CCIE candidates in a room with a CCIE Instructor from one of the main vendors. I am not going to get into a who is best bootcamp discussion as I have only attended one and that was run by INE.

This discussion focusses on the question are ccie bootcamps worth it? I said YES and my reasons are below.

  • Firstly you are away from home most likely booked into a hotel for 2 weeks with nothing else to do but study CCIE
  • You will be getting high level instruction for up to 10 hours a day, sometimes more
  • You get to meet up with other candidates who are doing the same as you, some will become good friends.
  • Once the bootcamp is finished you will have been through the blueprint end to end, you will have learnt so much new stuff that you never even knew you didn’t know and you will have a group of contacts all focused on taking the ccie lab in the next 6 months.

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